Stuff to bring

You’ll need:

  • to bring your leathers/motorbike clothes/gloves/boots/helmet/face masks/neck warmers and wet gear just in case
  • we’ll provide you with large (89 litres) fully waterproof bags and straps for your bike if necessary. Suitcases will be stored in a secure location during the trip
  • please do not bring tank bags for hired bikes
  • the right clothing for all weather conditions even though we’ll do our damn best to stay on the dry side
  • proper medical insurance! Thankfully we’ll stay in Europe so pre-Brexit you shouldn’t have too many problems with that one. Check out the NHS European Health Insurance Card on health-care abroad for starters
  • valid driving license and passport
  • a bit of cash
  • this list is not complete and does not preclude you from using your own brain ๐Ÿ™‚

Please also check our terms and conditions.