Ingo Wagener

I first had a motorized bike under my bum in Venezuela in the early 90s where I had to ask the vendor how to ride the “beast”.  Having returned from the wonderful freedom provided by South America I took a test in the late nineties which I, surprisingly perhaps, passed.


When not touring I translate books, do gardening work and (far too much) IT stuff such as working on and hosting this site. I am German by birth but do speak a bit of English and German (although some insist I can’t speak either properly).

I’m also a bit of a nutter when it comes to footy. Here a picture taken just after I read that we went into the lead:


I am an enthusiastic sailor but my main hobby is touring the Alps with my mate Harry who regularly beats me at darts. At the pool table we are pretty evenly matched 🙂 At squash, however, his nickname of Dr. Nefario of Despicable Me fame is more than deserved 😉

Not that that has got anything to do with motorbike tours but suffice it to say that whatever we do we have great time for the fun of it!

Bikes in Venezuela:

  • Yamaha DT175
  • Suzuki DR350

And in Europe without the off-road stuff:

  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6 R
  • Triumph Tiger 1050