The Team

The hi in hi-motorbiketours stands for Harry and Ingo. Together we boast more than four decades of experience touring the Alps.


Indeed it was during our tours that we gelled together, explored even the last Alpine pass and forged the idea of putting together our combined knowledge and love of motorbikes to provide a unique experience for those not fortunate enough to live virtually next to Europe’s premier biking terrain.

And in all seriousness, we’ve always had amazing fun, shared extraordinary experiences together and generally enjoyed every second of our tours. From there it was a no-brainer to have others come with us and partake!

Both of us are in the lucky position to be self-employed so that with time we were able to turn our fantastic pastime more and more into a second job which we enjoy just as much as our proper jobs.

As serious and responsible bikers and to get the season rolling again both of us do an advanced motorbike training every April where we update our skill sets in order to pass some of them on to you.

In addition we try to keep as fit as possible in order to cope with the strenuous job of bombing through the Alps. Finally and perhaps just as importantly we update our first aid skills on a regular basis – naturally in the hope never to be in the situation where we have to use them!