Terms & Conditions


A deposit of € 300 for all tours needs to be submitted in order to secure a place. On receipt, a booking confirmation will be issued with tour details. Tours booked within 30 days of departure will require payment in full at the time of booking.

Balance of Payment:

Tours will have to be paid fully within 30 days of departure. Late payments may result in the loss of your deposit and cancellation of your tour.


If you cancel less than 30 days before departure you will lose your full deposit unless your cancellation is on medical grounds, in which case proof in form of a doctor’s certificate is required.

If you cancel more between 30 and 60 days before departure you will receive half your deposit back. If you cancel more than 60 days before departure you will receive your full deposit back.

We recommend you take out a holiday cancellation insurance for just such unfortunate eventualities.

You may transfer your booking to another person if that person satisfies all the requirements as laid out by hi – motorbiketours. You will be responsible for that person’s full payment.

hi – motorbiketours reserves the right to cancel any tour for which we would issue a full refund. hi – motorbiketours will not be held responsible or offer a refund in any of the following situations: terrorism, riots, war, civil unrest, acts of God or safety issues. These include but are not limited to: mechanical failures or tour guides being involved in an accident. We also reserve the right to cancel a tour within 30 days of departure if it has less than 3 paying customers. Naturally a full refund will take place in the latter eventuality.

Our Responsibilities:

We accept responsibility for supplying you with a tour and all the services as stated on this website. However, we are unable to control any deficiencies in services due to local conditions, maintenance, industrial dispute, religion, politics or weather conditions.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. To advise us of any illness, infirmity, allergies, disabilities, health issues of any kind or dietary needs that may affect your touring holiday.
  2. Be a competent rider. If you bring your own machine it must be legal, mechanically-sound and of a type suitable for touring (ideally 500cc or more).
  3. Hold a valid Certificate of Insurance covering your own machine, rider and pillion.
  4. Have suitable breakdown and repatriation cover in the event of a breakdown, accident or emergency.
  5. To ensure your vehicle is secure overnight or when leaving the motorcycle unattended. We accept no responsibility for the loss of belongings or vehicles.

Acknowledgement of risk, responsibility and liability:

By making a booking with hi – motorbiketours I, the Participant, confirm that I understand and accept that:

1. I have provided accurate information to hi – motorbiketours about my motorcycle riding experience and ability and I confirm that I am a competent enough motorcyclist to participate in an Alpine tour.

2. I am adequately fit and physically capable to undertake the program set out on this website and have no medical condition which would affect my participation in the Tour.

3. I am required to follow all reasonable instructions from hi – motorbiketours and its staff. I understand that if I fail to comply with these instructions, hi – motorbiketours reserves the right to suspend my involvement in the tour and that I shall not be entitled to any refund of any amounts I have paid to them for participating in the tour or any other costs incurred by me as a result of my having to leave the tour.

4. The decision of the tour leader is final and binding, including any decisions made by the Tour Leader to change the itinerary at short notice or suspend myself or a member of my party from the tour and I will respect and comply with any such decision.

5. I am solely responsible for my possessions. hi – motorbiketours accepts no liability for any damage to or loss of my property whilst taking part in the tour.

6. Where I have requested to hire a motorcycle, I acknowledge that the motorcycle for this tour is rented from a local third party supplier, under the terms and conditions of the third party. I understand that I am responsible for using the motorcycle in accordance with the local rental agreement and that I have to pay for any damage caused to the motorcycle directly to the local third party supplier.

7. I am required to comply with all statutory and legal requirements when participating in the tour, including but not limited to all road traffic and driving laws.

8. I have provided emergency contact details to hi – motorbiketours and authorize them to contact that person in the event of an emergency.

9. In cases of emergency, I authorize hi – motorbiketours and its staff to arrange any necessary medical or surgical treatments and to sign any required form of consent on my behalf. I accept that I am responsible for reimbursing to hi – motorbiketours any additional expense they incur on my behalf relating to my medical treatment or repatriation due to my injury, illness or other medical condition.

10. I also expressly understand that I am under a duty to mitigate any risks to myself as far as is practicable by taking all reasonable steps to ensure my own health and safety whilst on the tour. Except as stated in paragraph 12, I accept full responsibility for these risks and I agree that hi – motorbiketours and its staff are released from any liability resulting from my injury or death or any loss of or damage to my property suffered during the tour.

11. I will indemnify hi – hotorbiketours for all losses suffered by them as a result of my behaviour, negligence or failure to comply with the terms of this Acknowledgement Form, Booking Conditions or otherwise.

12. The laws of Germany are applicable to this Acknowledgement Form and I expressly submit to the sole jurisdiction of the Courts of Germany.

I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the contents of this Acknowledgement Form and that I am 18 years of age or older.

For all tours you must have:

  1. Valid passport (ensure visa not required if non-EU). Passport must have at least 6 months remaining by the time you return.
  2. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (can be obtained online at NHS European Health Insurance Card, by phoning 0845 6062030, or by post from any main Post Office)
  3. European insurance cover for your bike – must include repatriation in the event of an accident or serious breakdown.
  4. Personal Travel Insurance for yourself and pillion (if appropriate). This must include medical cover including any possible repatriation in the event of serious illness or accident. We also recommend you include cancellation cover.

Complaints Procedure:

In the event of a complaint, in the first instance, you should approach the tour leader. If you still consider that your complaint has not been properly addressed, you should put your comments in writing and send them to:
hi – motorbiketours
Ingo Wagener
Marienplatz 11
83512 Wasserburg am Inn