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revamped website

Weather permitting I spent some time working on our website (and less on the bike). Here are some of the major modifications:

  • introduction of spoilers and accordions to make the page more readable
  • new list design
  • restructured menu
  • restructured USPs
  • dates for 2017
  • introduction of a calendar for our tour dates
  • enabled download of ics calendar
  • included a tag cloud for hot tags
  • added jump to top functionality
  • getting the hang of this twitter thingy… You can now follow us directly from our website
  • and, of course, dito for Facebook
  • new photos!!! After our last tour in the Dolomites we got back home with some new material. I’ve also discovered the Gimp and found a way of enhancing photos on the Linux command line to speed up the process and arrive at piccies which are at least publishable on our humble site without insulting your senses