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April 2017 – scouting weekend tour

We used the weekend before Easter to check out a couple of hotels and soak up some much needed warmth on the shores of Lake Garda!

First, however, we had to get over the Jaufenpass with its 2,094 metres above sea level.

Next it was down South. Our Plan was to hit the Passo di Mendola, not very high but a beauty to ride as it has just about everything a biker’s heart could wish for from hairpin bends to longer curvy stretches and of course only the best tarmac.

Having had a refreshment at Kalterer See we headed back to Cavareno to our hotel.Next morning we set off again at a reasonable time and after a great breakfast. The plan was to hit the Passo Crocedomini. On the way we discovered absolutely mind blowing stretches of road. Italy tends to do that …

Unfortunately the Passo was still closed so we turned round and cruised over to Lago d’Idro and have a coffee and something to bite before we got to the highlight of the day: the road along Lago di Valvestino! Not long after Lake Garda lay below us. Temperatures rose to 25 degrees and more in the sun and it was time to get our shorts and T-Shirts out.The night was spent in Salo of Fellini fame. The hotel, although we have not taken pictures as it was conveniently located near the centre of Salo, was excellent. Especially the roof terrace was nice to hang out on after a long day’s ride.

On Sunday morning it was time to head back home. As we wanted to avoid the ridiculously busy road along the shores of Lake Garda we hit the ferry.Then it was straight over Mount Baldo to the motorway to Bolzano, from where we once again hit the breathtaking Jaufenpass before cruising on home.

The little trip just served to remind us why we get out and about. It was a serious holiday full of new experiences packed into a meagre three days! Fantastic!

Already looking forward to the next tour but it is snowing outside as I am typing…

October 2016 – Dolomites

  • Type: hi – weekend
  • Group Strength: 3
  • Distance: 390 miles

Two nights in some of the most fantastic biking territory imaginable. Unfortunately we were not able to do the Sella Ronda due to one pass being closed already. However, there is plenty to keep every biker’s heart leap with joy.dolomites-19I’ve put some of the photos on the home page as they deserve more than just “meagre” post exposure…

However, here is another one to keep you gagging for more:dolomites-6To our surprise we hit two closed roads in one day – a very rare occurrence even in off-season – which somewhat messed up our schedule…

… so that we hit the Felbertauern road when it was getting dark already. And COLD! Arrived in Mittersill around six, just in time to find a nice little place which brews its own beer which we naturally had to sample. The nosh was also first class. Definitely an address to remember 😎

June 2016 – Italy Appennines

  • Type: 6 – day hi
  • Group Strength: 8
  • Distance: 1000 miles


June, perfect weather everywhere. And I mean, everywhere. Waited for a few mates to come down to Bavaria and we set off via the Alps. We hit Italy in South Tirol and cruised through the Po plain in unearthly temperatures before we hit the Tuscan mountains where we spent our first night.italy-01Then through Umbria with all its wines and Lago Trasimeno italy-04before we headed further south-east to Abruzzo through some of the most amazing landscape one is ever likely to see. italy-05Unfortunately this is where the recent quake hit so I’m not sure whether the restaurant in Norcia still exists where we had the local sausage – a top speciality…

From there we headed to the coast for a bit of of a dip and some warmth againitaly-03before finally heading back up north, not without picking some great passes along the way through Marche, Umbria and Tuscany. Oh, and did I mention the food? THE FOOD??? Grrr…italy-03All in all a great tour and Italy is fast becoming a favourite of mine – and I mean not only the Alps!

June 2016 – South Tyrol, Brenta Group

  • Type: hi – weekend
  • Group Strength: 3
  • Distance: 380 miles

Just a quickie in the Alps to ride one of my favourites, the Mendel Pass. Plenty on the way as well. Here the Jaufenpass or Passo Giovo at 2094m above sea level. brenta1c And once one is near Bolzano there are sheer endless options. Unfortunately we couldn’t go East towards Sella Ronda but it was stunning nevertheless. A view over Bolzano:brenta3cThe further south you go the more chances of small and untouched roads. I tend to prefer them rather than the standard routes which brim with bikers.brenta2cLess hassle, more time for yourself, the bike and the view. That is what riding with us is all about…