March 2016 – Czech Republic, Austria

  • Type: hi – weekend
  • Group Strength: 4
  • Distance: 400 miles

It was cold. No, it was freezing. But those were the days before heated grips, of which I now am a very proud and glad owner. cesky02 Notice the snow???

We crossed the Danube, one of Europe’s main waterways, on our way to Cesky Krumlov, an absolutely stunningly beautiful town in the South-West of the country. Here some mouthwatering pictures:


Not surprisingly, being in the Czech Republic, birthplace of beer, we sampled the local produce and found it rather satisfying.

We also passed one or two nice places on way.cesky01But not all is beautiful in the old communist countries and came across old dilapidated industrial complexes which would benefit from demolition.

As it was only a short trip we hit Upper Austria the next day and spent the night in our original Alpine hut!cesky05Unfortunately we did not have time to explore all the beautiful roads and curves which Upper Austria has to offer as we had to head back home.