August 2016 – Upper Austria & Corinthia

  • Type: hi – weekend
  • Group Strength: 5
  • Distance: 420 miles

Again only a short trip but brilliant nevertheless.nockalm06c

For lack of time we hit the motorway before turning off on the wonderful and expansive Obertauern road with its amazing views. For want of crass opposites we hit the Bundschuh road which is not much more than ten feet wide. And then the Nockalm.

While a friend sampled the local alcohol free wheat beer…nockalm02 … we took full advantage of the weather!nockalm03We then made our way back through Upper Austria and had some great big and small roads which we had not known beforehand and ended up in our Alpine hut.nockalm04Following that we went to Graz through some of the worst weather I’ve ever ridden through. We had a choice, yes, but I wanted to check my GoreTex stuff and Harry had new boots :mrgreen: It genuinely was so dark and the rain so thick that you couldn’t see further ahead than fifty yards. Methinks that next time I see a weather front like that I’ll turn around, regardless of what the rest thinks…

After a lovely night in a great city with wonderful beer we set off again through Austria’s lesser know Alps which does not mean they are less stunning, however!

Here is a last picture to give you an impression of what you’ve missed ๐Ÿ˜†ย nockalm05