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If you are looking for a tour NOT set in stone regardless of the weather or riding conditions, read on …

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Because unlike our competitors we offer ....
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So what do you have to do?

This is where it gets easy. Arrive at Munich Airport and leave the rest to us. We’ll pick you up, bring you to the hotel in Munich and then go out for some nosh and, more importantly, to get to know you and introduce you to the fine art of riding hairpin bends and how to ride safely in a group.

Seeing that we’ll have some idea about the weather we’ll talk about the route and your wishes/hopes/expectations. Only if we know what you want can we deliver it!

Next morning we are off to get the bikes and off we go.

Naturally we also provide safe storage for all your belongings you do not want to take on the tour.

Have a look here for a checklist of stuff to bring.

Alternatively, if you fancy riding down yourself on your own bike we will not stop you.

Whichever way you chose to book with us, we very much look forward to riding with you!

Amazing Tours, Amazing Experiences

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